About The Owner & The Business


Britney Jones a native of Detroit, Michigan. She’s a mother of four children, and the wife to the amazing Darrell Jones. Britney is a lover of God, make up artist and Cosmetics business owner. She spent most of her youth operating out of characteristics that weren’t so beautiful. After falling in love with God, her ashes became beauty and she fell in love with the beauty within waiting to be released.

Britney worked hard to create new habits, characteristics, mindsets and lifestyles that exemplifies a Beautiful Soul. She knew that the change she wanted to see, would first have to begin in herself. Life is better when you know who you are and show up that way. Britney lives to encourage, motivate and uplift others that may have went through the same identity crisis that she did and what better way than through the beauty industry. Beauty is often seen by the outer appearance, but Beautiful Soul Cosmetics will speak to the soul. When beauty is seen from the inside it uplifts others from the inside. They can hate the beauty, but they’ll never forget the soul!


About Beautiful Soul Cosmetics 
Britney started her journey in the beauty industry officially in the year of 2020. She knew she wanted to help other women see that the beauty in the inside should be exemplified on the outside. Makeup to a beautiful soul is for enhancement, enjoyment and an added pop to our glamour. We make the makeup the makeup don’t make us. Beautiful Soul Cosmetics inspiration came from her Brother Ronald Black Jr; may God rest his soul. He changed atmospheres with his soul, character and smile. Without doing much he could light up a room because it was who he was. As a Beautiful Soul, Britney hope that you would take this with you “Light Up the Room with the beauty of Your Soul”
Beautiful Soul Cosmetics is invested in the total man. Beauty goes beyond the make-up, it’s the soul that really matters. Anything that is outwardly added to you should only enhance who you already are. 
Our vision is to see women enhance themselves before the make-up.
“Love you, then enhance” 
Fix the soul then add beauty, don’t fix the beauty and abandon the soul”.